Our Process

At Sivotek, all the work we deliver is custom, including our client-tailored Web design and development approach. The actual amount of time it takes for us to complete a project is based upon a few things.

The main factors are the overall size of the project, the availability of content and images, and your goals. The following phases ensure we address every facet of your site throughout the process.



We ask a lot of questions to understand your business’ needs. After establishing your business environment, goals and process, we can begin tailoring a web experience to fit your unique consumer.


The developers work to build the site according to Wireframes, Comps and site map. In this phase we build the necessary infrastructure, front end coding, back end coding and testing. People hire an SEO consultant to optimize their website for search engine rankings after the site is built. Although much can be done to improve rankings at that point, you’ll get better results if you think about SEO in the Discovery and Design phases.


We take what we’ve learned and create the blueprint for your website. We create site maps, wireframes and comps showing how the website pages will look.


Once development is complete, it’s usually a simple process to go live. We deploy your website to your host or servers  and make it available to the world.  If we’ve built your website on a CMS or done some custom applications for you, we’ll train you in how to update and maintain the site. Like every good vendor, we are always available for questions, to fix bugs and to address new requirements.